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William c Mitchell Burbank CA Actor

Contact direct for casting or repensentation

My Head Shot
William C. Mitchell

Contact by
Telephone: 1 (818) 764-0130
Cell: 1 (818) 694-0558 text messages ok
e mail:
Web site:


Hair: Red Brown Eyes: Green
Height: 5’9” Weight” 180
Shoe: 12 Hat: 7 3/8
Waist: 38 Inseam: 30
Suit: 42 short Neck 17.25

Acting TV Advertising Reel online
GEICO flying Monkeys 2001
Ad Agencies
The Martin Agency (804) 698-9000
Fax (804) 698-8422
Publicis & Hal Riney (415) 293-2001
Fax (415) 239-2625

Acting Education/Volunteer work
Commercial Video Workshop Joe Bays
Camera operator
Class instructors
Mary Jane Martin
Laura James
David Silverstein
Bruce Glover
Al Berstein
Will Walice
Lila Walters
Joe Bays

Acting TV Background
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7 “Selfless” Air Date 10/22/02 UPN role Viking Villager
Sons and Daughters ABC Epsiode “Karoke”

Student Films at AFI
Spec Commercial “TTL” Jill Young Producer (323) 465-0328 Fall 2003
Short Films “Things to Remember” Spring 2004 Director Justin Bull (323) 383-2137
Short Film “The Secert Parts of Fortune” Producter Dustin Lyle (626) 827-3878
Short film “Marty” Director Courteney Looney (323) 633 - 6960

Student Films at USC
Mare’s Nest “Bert Cornbery” Director Lee Citron (973) 214-6165

Model Print Advertising
As a character model on 11/10/93 the client was Levi Strauss & CO.
A one day job with Photographer James B. Wood (213) 876-2780 or
(415) 274-2258 James is teaching at the Academy of Arts College so try the
(415) 274-2258 first then the college at 1(800) 544 ARTS
Agency was McCann Milan Italy Final Ad was a billboard.

Special skills
Professional Photographer: See web site or ask for portfolio
Expert Macintosh user: I write for Mac Valley User Group
Outdoors: Can hike - swim
Blue Screen/Special Effects/Wild Sound: Ask for TV ad reel and details

Snail Mail to: P.O. Box 7222 Burbank CA 91510-7222
My head Shot